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PanAsialum’s products in the Electronics Parts category include aluminum parts for some of the world’s most popular portable consumer electronic products by a leading global consumer electronics designer, including its popular multimedia tablets and laptop computers, which are housed in distinctive aluminum unibody chassis. The Company supplies such parts to the Foxconn Companies (affiliates and associates to Taiwan-listed Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.), which are major contract manufacturers for such designer. The Company is currently the only external supplier to the Foxconn Companies that fabricates the aluminum unibody chassis for the popular multimedia tablets, employing advanced CNC machinery centers.

PanAsialum commenced operations of a plant dedicated to CNC processing in October 2011, and made its first shipment of the unibody chassis to the Foxconn Companies in November 2011. Since 2009, the Company has also supplied the Foxconn Companies with aluminum plates of required specifications, which they further process into unibody chassis for the multimedia tablets, as well as the laptop computers, in-house.

The Company’s Electronics Parts also include aluminum components for personal computers or other electronic devices, mostly heat sink products, supplied to the Foxconn Companies and other customers.