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One of the largest and leading vertically integrated enterprises that is recognised globally creating high-end custom built aluminium, electronic accessories and structural profiling to achieve operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

To further explore the new horizons of a greener economy to help achieve the 21st century worldwide high-end custom built acknowledgment.

To be part of the Chinese circular economy development through expansion of high-end custom made aluminium alloy products.

PanAsia (PanAsialum Holdings Company Limited (Stock Code: 2078.HK) and its subsidiaries) is one of China’s leading manufacturers of aluminium products. PanAsia currently focuses on three main areas of business including electronic parts such as aluminium components for the worldwide leading electronics and appliances; construction and industrial profiles; and a series of high-end aluminium doors and windows under its subsidiary brand, Opal Living (OPLV).

PanAsia provides products to a wide range of customers in various industries, including consumer electronics, real estate, construction, medical appliances, etc. The company prides itself in its technological superiority, with a recognised level of production ability and capacity whilst creating value with its reliability and high quality products. PanAsia has been working closely with Foxconn (part of the Taiwan listed (Stock Code: 2317.TW) Hong Hai Precision Industry Company Limited) for 15 years in supplying aluminium counterparts for the ever-developing technological appliances.

PanAsia’s sales have expanded beyond the borders of China and Hong Kong to Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and other overseas markets. As of PanAsia's financial year ended 30 September 2012 and 2013, the export sales accounted for roughly 30% of the overall sales respectively, excluding China and Hong Kong.

Vertical integration of its manufacturing processes from smelting to mould design and manufacturing, extrusion, scrap recycling to computer numerical control system (CNC) has enabled PanAsia to benefit from cost efficiency. This has allowed creation of value through production chain by developing new products according to market demands and to meet the specific requirements of its major customers.